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A Scans / B Scans

Sonomed Ophthalmic Equipment

Part of publicly-held parent company Escalon Medical Corp., Sonomed Escalon is a leading provider of innovative diagnostic imaging and surgical solutions for ophthalmic clinical applications.

Sonomed Escalon has been the leader in ophthalmic ultrasound for over 30 years developing the systems and standards against which all others are measured.

Tens of thousands of users in all corners of the world ensure that wherever you practice, you can be confident that well-respected local colleagues can share their extensive experience using Sonomed Escalon systems.

Sonomed A-Scan Instruments

Sonomed Escalon’s series of A-scan instruments, B-Scan ultrasound instruments and Pachymeters offer incomparable reliability, accuracy, and dependability. Experience the Sonomed Escalon advantage of 30 years of developing and refining transducer probes and ultrasound algorithms.

The Sonomed VuMax

Sonomed has been the unquestioned leader in ophthalmic UBM ultrasound instrumentation for years, and is particularly pleased to introduce several technological breakthroughs in our new VuMAX™ HD and VuPad™ series of systems.

The VuMAX™ is widely regarded as the gold standard of ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM), earning the trust of leading ophthalmologists around the world.

The VuMAX™ provides superior image quality allowing clear visualization and analysis of structures, including dynamic motion such as lens accommodation. The VuMAX™ has proven to be a critical tool for several needs, including:

  • Glaucoma Management
  • IOL and Phaco Refractive Lens Implantation
  • Accommodation and Accommodative IOL
  • High Resolution Imaging of Anterior Segment
  • B-Scan Imaging of Posterior Segment

The Sonomed 300P PacScan Pachymeter

The PacScan 300P offers a portable, digital Pachymeter, with easy-to-use touch screen operation, extreme accuracy, repeatable measurements and reliability. The combination of a high frequency, low noise probe and fast precise algorithms enables automatic scan capture immediately upon steady application of the probe onto the cornea.

The Sonomed E-Z Scan B5500+

The E-Z Scan B5500+ provides excellent resolution with a full set of features including zoom and pan capabilities, multiple color and grayscale display modes, measurement functions, annotation, and more.