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Eye Equipment Bulbs

Gold Coast Op sells eye equipment bulbs including retina camera bulbs, slit lamp bulbs, refractor bulbs, bulbs for lensmeters, handhelds, keratometers, perimeters ophthalmoscopes, ophthalmic projectors, and other ophthalmic instruments.

Heine Bulbs

Helmut A. Heine who was a physicist and passionate scientist founded Heine in 1946.  His goal was to develop and build the best quality diagnostic instruments possible for the medical profession.  Products that would offer new and better diagnostic potentials for the practitioner and the patient and at the same time were dependable and durable.

When available  we sell  these types of Heine ophthalmic bulbs:

Heine Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope Bulb

Heine Omega 150 BIO Bulb for a Heine Omega 150 BIO

Heine Omega 500 Bulb 10W

Heine Omega 180 BIO Bulb

Topcon Bulbs for Projectors

 For over 40 years, TMS has been leading the way with the most technically advanced instrumentation in the marketplace. Their product line comprises the largest selection of precision instruments from one manufacturer … providing products for a wide range of applications, including imaging, diagnostic, refractive, surgical, and delivery.  Whatever your particular instrument requirements, Topcon has the innovative solution you need.

Topcon ACP 6S Auto Projector Bulb

Burton Lensmeter Bulbs

Philips Burton is a medical device manufacturer engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality examination, and surgery lighting equipment. Since its inception in 1928, Burton has been known for superior quality, exceptional value, and long-lasting solutions to complex lighting issues facing physicians, surgeons and veterinarians throughout the world. Philips Burton has over 250,000 lights installed in the United States alone and continues to grow based on its quality, reliability, and extraordinary five-year warranty. Philips Burton is part of Royal Philips and is located in Franklin Park, Illinois, just west of Chicago.

We sell the Burton 2020 Lensmeter Bulb

Marco Bulbs

For more than forty years, Marco has been a leader in offering eye-care professionals the very finest in a complete range of traditional vision diagnostic equipment. From Lensmeters, Refractors and Keratometers to Chairs & Stands, Chart Projectors and Slit Lamps, and Marco Bulbs, Marco classical products redefine the state-of-art in their product categories. They are designed to make your practice more efficient and more effective while making the day-to-day work of both practitioner and staff simpler and easier.

When available we carry these Marco Ophthalmic Bulbs:

Marco 2B Ultra Slit Lamp Bulb

Marco BAT Bulb

Marco CP-2 Projector Halogen Bulb

Marco CP-670 Auto-Projector Halogen Bulb

Marco G2 Slit Lamp Bulb

Marco G4 Slit Lamp Bulb

Marco RT700 Refractor Bulb

Marco Ultra 5 Slit Lamp Bulb