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Digital Imaging

Marco Digital Imaging

For more than forty years, Marco has been a leader in offering eye-care professionals the very finest in a complete range of traditional vision diagnostic equipment. From Lensmeters, Refractors and Keratometers to Chairs & Stands, Chart Projectors and Slit Lamps, Marco classical products redefine the state-of-art in their product categories. They are designed to make your practice more efficient and more effective while making the day-to-day work of both practitioner and staff simpler and easier.

Marco iDoc Digital Slit Lamp

The Marco iDoc Digital Slit lamp solution integrates the capturing functions of still digital photographs and live streaming video images into one simple component, Marco’s idoc (integrated digital ophthalmic camera) anterior segment imaging system provides the practitioner with the unique capability of capturing and storing still digital images and live streaming videos. idoc seamlessly blends the two recording options together into one compact configuration, allowing the user to simply attach one digital component to any Marco G-model Ultra Slit Lamp.

With a simple press of the joystick switch, high-quality digital images and live video streams with no time delay are instantly captured and stored into idoc’s simple software program. All basic operations are conveniently displayed on idoc’s main screen, allowing the user to quickly and easily access patient files.

Oculus Imagecam

A slit lamp image or video sequence is taken by the high resolution, digital video camera in the beam path of the slit lamp. Exposure time, light magnification and white balance

can be easily adjusted with its user-friendly software.

Suitable exposure parameters for taking pictures in different segments of the eye such as anterior segment, fundus, sclera etc. can be stored conveniently under appropriate names.

Oculus Imagecam Beam Splitter Features

  • Compact size increases slit lamp length minimally
  • Prism can be moved in and out of the beam path of the slit lamp
  • Out: no optical impairment
  • In: maximum light for taking pictures
  • Adjustable aperture for greater depth of field
  • bright image taking situation – small aperture, more depth of field for sclera
  • and overview in anterior segment
  • dark image taking situation – large aperture, lower depth of field for fundus
  • and fluo images, but more light for the camera

Oculus Imagecam Software

  • Patient data management program
  • Live image shown on monitor
  • Single image or video sequence
  • Single image mode for detailed images and four image mode for comparison
  • Loupe function
  • Comment field for notes
  • Image optimization possible (color, brightness, contrast,…)
  • Storage of selected images on hard disk
  • Printout of selected images
  • Image release by mouse click or footswitch