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Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes


Physicist Helmut A. Heine founded Heine in 1946.  Heine’s goal was to develop and build the best quality diagnostic instruments possible for the medical profession.  Those products would offer new and better diagnostic potentials for the practitioner and the patient while being dependable and durable.

For this reason, Heine Optotechnik sought cooperation with physicians and universities right from the beginning.  Helmut A. Heine was convinced that the key to reaching his goals would be to remain as independent a company as possible.  For over 60 years his philosophy was the foundation of Heine’s success and it still is today.

Today HEINE Optotechnik is still an independent, family owned company that makes decisions based on long-term benefits for their products, their customers and their company.

Since the start of the company, Heine has continually invested in the businesses’ own manufacturing capabilities to attain a high level of vertical integration. This allows them to control the manufacturing process at virtually every step – from inception to the  finished instrument.

They company continues to invest heavily in the development of their products and works closely together with medical professionals around the world to ensure the products developed are not only of the highest quality, but offer the most reliable and accurate diagnosis.

Heine continually seek to develop and improve their own processes, which results in new ways to manufacture more efficiently and to conform to the precise quality standards.

Synchronized Convergence and Parallax Adjustment System

The advanced One-Step Small and Variable Pupil Control maximizes stereopsis in dilated pupils and allows for the instant adjustment of the optical system to ensure fully illuminated, stereoscopic views through pupils as small as 1mm in diameter.

Dilated Pupil

In the case of a dilated pupil, the HEINE Synchronized Convergence and Parallax Adjustment System adjusts the left and right observation paths as far apart as possible (large angle of Convergence) providing for maximum stereopsis (depth perception). The illumination beam is automatically positioned as high as possible relative to the observation plane (creating a large angle of parallax) in order to maximize illumination and minimize unwanted reflections [01].

Undilated Pupils and viewing in the Periphery

In cases of pupils that cannot, or should not be dilated, a binocular view with full illumination is not possible without adjustments of the optical system [02]. By adjusting the Small and Variable Pupil Control Lever located on the bottom of the OMEGA Series instruments, the angle of convergence between left and right observation paths is reduced and the angle of parallax (light path) is automatically reduced in one, simple step.

The observer can now enjoy a fully illuminated, binocular view with excellent stereopsis [03] even through a pupil as small as 1mm in diameter, or in cases where the pupil appears as an ellipse as a result of viewing the periphery.

Heine Hand-held Indirect Opththalmoscope, Binocular

The addition of the binocular attachment to the Hand-held Indirect Ophthalmoscope makes stereoscopic examination possible. PD selection from 54 to 74mm.

  • Symmetrical selection of PD. Quick and easy to adjust.
  • Multi-coated precision optics. Exceptional image quality.



  • Exclusive Variable Pupil System: You can customize the optics of the OMEGA 500 to provide stereo views in all examining conditions and pupil sizes. Complete range from 1mm to 10mm. The system operates completely independent of aperture size, allowing you to maximize your field of view even in the periphery.
  •  One BIO, Multiple Power Source Options: The OMEGA 500 is the only BIO available that allows you to change and upgrade your power source system at any time. As your needs or environments change, your OMEGA 500 can be changed to accommodate.
  • Unplugged Battery System offers 100% freedom: One of a kind mobility without restriction of cables or cords.
  • Exclusive Battery Level Indicator: Always know the charge state of your battery.
  • Replaceable Lithium Battery Cell: Less waste and cost of ownership.
  • Mobile Plug-In Transformer: Exclusive mobile charging option allows for charging anywhere. Also allows for instrument use while charging from wall outlet.

Have it Your Way

We offer the Heine Omega 500 5 Different Ways:

  • Heine OMEGA 500 LEDHQ UNPLUGGED Set with Mobile Transformer & 1 Battery
  • Heine OMEGA 500 LEDHQ UNPLUGGED Set with Wall Charger & 1 Battery
  • Heine OMEGA 500 LEDHQ UNPLUGGED Set with Wall Charger and 2 Batteries
  • Heine OMEGA 500 LEDHQ Wired into Stand Operation
  • Heine OMEGA 500 LEDHQ with EN50 Wall/Table Transformer Set

Heine Sigma 150 Binocular Indirect Opththalmoscope

Ophthalmoscope for spectacle and headband

The Spectacle Indirect Ophthalmoscope for any pupil size. Two separate controls let you select the ideal setting for parallax and convergence to suit any pupil. The illumination beam can be adjusted by ± 3º to eliminate reflexes.