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Different lenses can deliver drastically different results in terms of image quality. Gold Coast Ophthalmic carries a wide variety of Volk Optic lenses. These lenses are designed for high-resolution, distortion-free imaging. Volk’s range of ophthalmic equipment includes four Gonio lenses, which range from three- to six-mirror.

Optic lenses are most commonly designed for use with a slit lamp, which provides a concentrated light source for examining the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. Magnified images allow practitioners to check for healthy tissue or to detect and diagnose potential eye conditions early. Analyzed areas include the cornea, eyelid, sclera, iris, and conjunctiva. Gold Coast Op offers over two dozen Volk Optic Lenses.

About Volk Optic Inc.

When it comes to lens, no company is better known for quality and design than Volk Optic. Much ophthalmic equipment is only as good as its lenses and other imaging equipment, which is why Volk is dedicated to advancing the field of ophthalmic imaging.

  • History: Over 50 years, Dr. David Volk developed the first indirect, aspheric ophthalmoscopy lens. Dr. Volk later patented the 20D, 78D, and 90D double aspheric lens designs, which remain the industry standards to this day.
  • Advancements: Following the success of the early patented lenses and a 2nd generation of lenses, Volk Optic celebrates the high-resolution imaging possible with its 3rd generation lenses, the Digital Series and high resolution HR Wide Field and HR Centralis. Other products include the six-mirror Gonio lens and a variety of surgical imaging products.
  • More Access: Volk recently developed PICTOR, an approach to digital imaging that is ideal for those on mobile or in areas of difficult access.

Types of Volk Lenses

Volk Optic has designed several series of lenses with the patented double aspheric design, including those listed below (see products for all lenses)

Volk Classic Lenses

  • 15D, 20D ACS, 20D BIO, 25D, 28D, 30D, and 40D lenses (some slit lamp-compatible)
  • 60D, 78D, and 90D slit lamp lenses
  • High-resolution views
  • Depending on the lens, classic lenses are ideal for small pupil diagnosis, optic disc and macula examination, and fundus imaging

Volk Digital Clear Field Lens

  • Easier lens manipulation with reduced ring diameter and working distance
  • A/R coating reduces reflections and glare
  • Wide field imaging

Volk Gonio Lenses

  • Available in three-, four-, or six-mirror designs
  • Ideal for static and dynamic gonioscopy
  • Provides a 360-degree view of the anterior chamber
  • Advanced design simplifies the examination
  • Glass lenses offer greater clarity and durability