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  • The Topcon CL-300 Computerized Lensmeter combines innovative technology with ease-of-use features including progressive lens measurement, a large color LCD monitor, a green light reading beam that enhances measurement precision and a new UV transmittance measurement function

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  • The EZ-200 Advance Automatic Lens Analyzer is a sophisticated and easy-to-use spectacle measuring system. It can automatically read lens power (sphere, cylinder, axis), recognize and measure multifocals and progressives, display far and near point distance from optical center for progressive lenses, and measure monocular and total spectacle PD

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  • The LM-8E Lensmeter revolutionizes lensometry with an improved optical system and a LED illuminated target for glare-free viewing and fatigue-free operation. The instrument also features a new cartridge type marking device and a redesigned eyepiece

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Marco Lensometers

For more than forty years, Marco has been a leader in offering eye-care professionals the very finest in a complete range of traditional vision diagnostic equipment. Marco offers a vast array of classical products including Lensometers, Refractors, Keratometers, Chairs and Stands, Chart Projectors and Slit Lamps. These classical products redefine state-of-art in their product categories. Marco Products are designed to make your practice more efficient and effective while making the day-to-day work of both practitioner and staff easier.

We invite you to experience the excellence of Marco classical products firsthand. We think you will see the same, clear difference thousands of practitioners have come to appreciate and trust.

The Marco LM – 101

The LM – 101 was the first manual lens meter to offer ambidextrous power measuring knobs, allowing both right and left-handed people to easily use this instrument.

The most recent version of the manual LM – 101 features both AC and battery power for convenience of portability and flexibility.  The pens used with this lensometer are self-inking cartridges which have replaced the “old style” ink pad.  The incandescent bulb has also been replaced with brighter and longer lasting LEDs.

Manual Lensometers allow for a subjective interpretation of what you see.    The power drum is adjusted for power readings. The axis wheel is adjusted for alignment and the eyepiece is adjusted for the individual user.  With the power drum of a manual lensometer you are either on a specific diopter line or you are somewhere in between.  For example, if you are not directly on a 1/8 or ¼ diapter line that is where a subjective call is made on the power.

The manual lensometer will continue to be the mainstay of the ophthalmic industry for years to come.

Features of the Marco LM-101

  • New LED Background Illuminator provides efficient, consistent, illumination level.
  • Powered by convenient AC adapter, or standard D-cell battery system.
  • A Classic design with solid construction utilizing brass and stainless steel components to help prevent premature wear and maintenance.
  • Full 90-degree adjustable inclination to accommodate measurement of contact lenses.
  • A discriminating optical system combined with an American style cross-line target produces clear, crisp images.
  • Standard prism compensating device measures high degrees of prism.
  • Acceptable for everyday or heavy laboratory use.
  • Power wheels located on both sides to accommodate any user.
  • Standard lens stop accommodates both hard & soft contact lenses as well as conventional lenses with a 30 – 90 mm diameter.
  • External power and axis measurements easy to read.
  • Self-inking marketing pins eliminate messy and continuous re-inking.

With the Manual LM-101

  • The rubber lens retention ring can be replaced when it dries out.
  • Changing the bulb can sharpen the reticle and target.
  • The self-inking cartridge pens can be retro-fitted.
  • The lens stop can be replaced if damaged.
  • A worn out ink pad can be replaced.

Gold Coast can professionally and completely refurbish the Marco LM-101.

Auto Lensometers

In order to read a lens which has been prescription compensated to the nearest 1/100th of a diopter a modern auto-lensometer capable of reading to the nearest 1/100th of a diopter is necessary.

When it comes to an automatic lensometer, what you see is what you get.  There are no adjustments and no subjectivity when using an automatic lensometer.