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Sonomed 300P PacScan Pachymeter

Sonomed Escalon Ophthalmic Equipment

Part of publicly-held parent company, Escalon Medical Corp., Sonomed Escalon is a leading provider of innovative diagnostic imaging and surgical solutions for ophthalmic clinical applications.

Sonomed Escalon has become the leader in ophthalmic ultrasound for over 30 years by developing the systems and standards against which all others are measured.

Tens of thousands of users in all corners of the world insure wherever you practice, you can be confident  well-respected local colleagues can share their extensive experience using Sonomed Escalon systems.

Sonomed Ophthalmic Instruments

Sonomed Escalon’s series of A-scan instruments, B-Scan ultrasound instruments and Pachymeters offer incomparable reliability, accuracy, and dependability. Experience the Sonomed Escalon advantage of 30 years of developing and refining transducer probes and ultrasound algorithms.

Sonomed Escalon Accuracy

A combination of high frequency, low noise probes and proprietary algorithms enables scan capture immediately upon applanation along the visual axis with precise measurement of corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth (ac D), lens thickness, and axial length.

Sonomed Escalon Usability

An intuitive interface, customized set-up, precise algorithms, and advanced hardware designs enable quick and easy examination of different eye types.

Sonomed Escalon Reliability

With consistent and accurate results, time after time, year after year, we build unparalleled quality into every ultrasound system. Sonomed Escalon supports instruments manufactured over 20 years ago which speaks to the quality of the products.

What is Pachmetry?

Pachmetry is the process of measuring the thickness of the cornea using a pachymeter.  This medical instrument is used to measure the thickness of the eye’s cornea.  It can be used for screening for patients suspected to be developing glaucoma and it is used to perfom corneal pachymetry preceding LASIK surgery.  Among other uses, a pachymeter can be used for Keratoconus screening and LRI surgery.

300P PacScan Pachymeter

The PacScan 300P offers a portable, digital Pachymeter, with easy-to-use touch screen operation, extreme accuracy, repeatable measurements and reliability. The combination of a high frequency, low noise probe and fast precise algorithms enables automatic scan capture immediately upon steady application of the probe onto the cornea.

Measurement accuracy and repeatability are assured by each scan actually consisting of 256 individual measurements and an automatic measurement algorithm to ensure that only scans with proper probe alignment are accepted. The high probe frequency and processing algorithms enable measures as thin as 125 microns, for measuring corneal flap or bed, and multiple corneal maps are available. Also comes standard with central corneal thickness correction calculator for measured applanation IOP.

Features of the 300P PacScan Pachymeter

  • Touch screen operation with large backlit display
  • Complete measurement and calculation record within seconds
  • Ability to store up to five different user profiles
  • Portability and compactness- weighing less than 6 pounds (3 kg)
  • Fully adjustable tilt for ergonomic comfort
  • Optional printer

Extreme Portability and Built in Printer

The PacScan Plus 300+ series offers extreme portability, with built-in printer and probe storage compartment, all in a compact and lightweight package. The printer allows for hardcopy record of scans, IOL calculations, and corneal maps. Data download and scan viewer software option are also available to create permanent digital archive of scan results.

Two Probe Styles

Two probe styles are available – standard or soft-touch – depending upon user preference and scanning application. Built-in immersion scanning capabilities is provided with optional Prager shell for ease of use and the highest assurance of accuracy and repeatability.

The PacScan is available as a combination A-scan / Pachymeter (300AP+) as well as a stand alone A-Scan (300A+)