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Specular Microscope

  • The Specular Microscope EM-3000 provides corneal endothelium imaging by using the specular optical principle with a visible light source, lenses and a CCD camera. These project a slit of light to the cornea from an oblique direction and capture the reflected image of the corneal endothelium by CCD camera. The EM-3000 newly incorporates an LED light source in place of a halogen lamp and a high-speed CCD camera to capture 15 images in series. It automatically selects and instantly displays the finest image of these images. In addition, a built-in clinical application delineates the endothelial cells automatically and displays statistical data such as cell numbers, average area and cell density on the color LCD.

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A specular microscope is optometry equipment that allows practitioners to evaluate a patient’s corneal endothelium. This thin layer of cells on the corneal surface is responsible for maintaining clear vision by controlling the transport of fluid and other substances across the eye. Analyzing the health of these cells is possible through non-invasive photographing through a specular microscope. Relatively few eye diseases and disorders target this layer of cells, but a specular analysis can help identify cases of corneal endotheliopathy or edema. Damage to the corneal endothelium can lead to a loss of transparency, causing blurred vision.

About CBD/Tomey USA

Tomey has specialized in corneal topography for decades. Among the company’s advancements and innovations is the use of touch screen technology for simple, user-friendly analysis. Tomey equipment also comes with comprehensive software and statistical packages, and many products feature auto-shot and auto-alignment capabilities. Other Tomey optometry equipment innovations include Autorefractors, Autorefractor/Keratometers, Autolensmeters, and Ultrasound Systems. The company is dedicated to delivering highly sophisticated, technology-driven products with easy-to-operate user interfaces. In addition, all Tomey products are designed for maximum durability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Tomey Specular Microscope EM-3000

The Tomey EM-3000 has multiple display functions, allowing practitioners to view the corneal endothelium with either or both cell shapes traced and structural forms displayed in different colors. The innovative touch screen integration allows you to center the shot by touching the corresponding area of the eye on the screen. The Tomey EM-3000 allows for immediate photos with auto alignment and auto shot functions. The patient does not have to move to take images of the other eye; rather, you can simply touch the screen again to re-center the shot.

The Tomey Specular Microscope EM-3000 allows practitioners to visualize and analyze the corneal endothelium over a wide range. This includes photos taken at seven points: one center and six peripheral points. The peripheral points are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 o’clock, as indicated on an f 6mm arc. The microscope can also measure cornea thickness and offers fast, automatic analysis of the images.

Features of the Tomey Specular Microscope EM-3000

  • Manual photographing
  • Simple touch alignment self-centers
  • Self-illuminating with an LED light source
  • Wide photographing range of 0.25 x 0.54mm
  • Seven capturing positions
  • Captures 15 photographs as a single series in one pass
  • Best image automatically selected and displayed on screen
  • Fast, automatic analysis