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Tomography and Topography

In terms of imaging parts of the eye, tomography and topography use related technologies but examine different areas. Tomography uses light waves to take cross-section images of the retina. This non-invasive imaging test helps practitioners measure the thickness of each retinal layer, which can aid in early detection and diagnosis of a variety of diseases and disorders. Possible diagnoses discoverable by tomography include diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and macular holes, puckers, and edemas.

Topography also uses non-invasive medical imaging, but focuses instead on the outer structure of the eye, including measuring the curvature of the cornea. This creates a 3D map or grid of the curvature, simulating the surface of the eye. The cornea is directly responsible for much of the eye’s ability to focus, and its shape can indicate an eye’s overall health. A map of the cornea can reveal any flat, steep, or uneven areas that could indicate vision loss. Topography is not a routine test, but it can be used to diagnose multiple eye conditions. This includes corneal scars and deformities as well as dry eyes thanks to tear film assessment. Corneal topography is also essential to fitting contact lenses, as lenses must be assessed and prescribed both per patient and per eye. Today, Gold Coast Ophthalmic delivers a handful of tomography and topography tools by Oculus.

About Oculus

Oculus has been a technology-driven optometry equipment partner for eyecare professionals around the world for over 120 years. The company is known for its highly sophisticated products and customer satisfaction. Oculus understands the daily demands placed on practitioners, and continues to research and develop new ways to make those demands easier, better, and more efficient. Products include Refraction Equipment, Slit Lamps, Topography Equipment, and Binocular Loupes.

Oculus Easygraph

  • Combines Corneal Topographer with a built-in Keratometer
  • Digital image transmission, with USB-interface technology
  • Network-compatible software
  • Completely customizable with individual lens suggestions and an editing function

Oculus Keratograph

  • Corneal topography
  • Superior tear film assessment
  • High-resolution color camera offers color photos and videos
  • Integrated magnification changer

Oculus Pentacam

  • Auto-rotating Scheimpflug camera
  • Measurement of anterior eye segment in under two seconds
  • Software analysis and evaluation
  • Data provides basis for 3D model of anterior eye segment
  • Analyzes cornea, anterior chamber, and crystalline lens

Oculus Pentacam HR Premium

  • All of the features of the Oculus Pentacam
  • More brilliant images for precise presentation of details
  • Scan mode optimizes IOL representation
  • Up to 138.000 true elevation points