E-Z Scan B5500+ B-Scan

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The E-Z Scan B5500+ provides excellent resolution with a full set of features including zoom and pan capabilities, multiple color and grayscale display modes, measurement functions, annotation, and more. The real-time B-scan display, adjustable gain and TVG controls, and enhanced “high-resolution” mode which produces a scan with 256 line vectors facilitate optimal diagnostic viewing.

With touch screen operation, the E-Z Scan B5500+ is extremely intuitive and easy to use and has the trusted trademark of Sonomed Escalon reliability. Some of the features include:

Real-time B-scan display (30 frames per second)

Touch screen operation with large backlit display

Display modes of grayscale, orange, blue, and full color

Selectable simultaneous A-scan vector

Selectable “high-resolution” mode produces 256 line scan

Continuous zoom and pan functions

Gain and TVG controls for optimal diagnostic capability

Fully adjustable tilt for ergonomic comfort

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