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Heine Omega 200 Indirect Ophthalmoscope

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HEINE Instruments. A Perfect Balance of Everything That Matters.

Customers choose HEINE products because they provide what matters most to them. HEINE user’s want long lasting instruments that provide the most accurate and reliable diagnostic information with features that optimize performance in any examining situation.

In other words, they want the Durability, Performance and Function that only HEINE instruments offer.



  • The Best Materials: All of the OMEGA 500 optical components are mounted to a cast aluminum frame to reduce weight and provide unmatched durability and optical precision.
  • Lifetime Dustproof Guarantee: 100% Dustproof Optics. Never pay for a cleaning while you own the instrument.
  • Unmatched Warranty: With the highest quality product, you would expect the best warranty. The OMEGA 500 comes with an unmatched 5 year parts & labor warranty.
  • LED Lifespan: Never replace another bulb with HEINE LED HQ illumination. 20K hour lifespan is 2X the nearest competitor.


  • Precision HEINE Optics: Using only optical grade glass, we manufacture the entire optical system of the OMEGA, guaranteeing the most crisp, high resolution images for the most diagnostic information.
  • 2 Illumination Options: We designed our NEW LED HQ illumination system to match the Color Rendering of our Xenon bulb. Both LED and Xenon are included in the kit: tried and true Xenon, and NEW LED HQ.


  • Exclusive Variable Pupil System: You can customize the optics of the OMEGA 500 to provide stereo views in all examining conditions and pupil sizes. Complete range from 1mm to 10mm. The system operates completely independent of aperture size, allowing you to maximize your field of view even in the periphery.
  • Wall / Table Mount Transformer Set: The 531 L kit comes complete with the EN50 Wall / Table mounted transformer. In wall mount mode, the transformer provides a convenient hanger for your Instrument.
  • One BIO, Multiple Power Source Options: The OMEGA 500 is the only BIO available that allows you to change and upgrade your power source system at any time. As your needs or environments change, your OMEGA 500 can change to accommodate.
  • Ergonomic Design: Convenient adjustment controls for quick and easy operation when wearing the instrument. FULL TIME HEINE TRADE-IN PROGRAM: Do you have an old BIO you would like to trade-in towards the purchase of an OMEGA 500? Email HEINE at BIOtrade@heine-na.com to receive a custom trade-in quote on your old instrument(s).

Set Includes: OMEGA 500 LEDHQ, HC 50L, and EN50 Wall / Table Transformer.

Part Number:
Heine C-004.33.210