Marco EZ-Tilt Lane Deal

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Want the most simplified manual reclining motion with a new modern, sophisticated appearance? If so then the Marco EZ Tilt chair is for you. Utilizing an effortless, silky smooth counterbalancing system, the E-Z Tilt makes reclining any size patient easy and instantaneous; no electronic motors to slow you down!

The Marco EZ Tilt lane package includes the sleek looking , low profile Marco EZ Tilt hydraulic chair as it’s feature piece. It’s fast reclining motion uses the patients’ own weight counterbalances the reclining motion throughout the full range of travel. The marco deluxe 2 stand compliments the EZ Tilt chair beautifully and combined with our high quality refurbished phoroptor and projector. This deal provides real luxury but without the luxury price tag. This Marco EZ Tilt lane deal includes the following:

  • Marco Encore Manual Chair
  • Marco Deluxe 2 Non-Console Stand (Encore stand shown in feature photo)
  • Marco G2 Ultra Slit Lamp
  • Refurbished Marco / Reichert Phoroptor
  • Refurbished Marco Chart Projector
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