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The Marco M5 Ultra LED Slit Lamp  uses Parallel (Galilean) Type Binocular Stereomicroscope and has Tower with Tilt for Light Source Configuration with Background Illumination. The M5 conventional slit lamp also features Blue, Red-free, Blue LED Correction, and Yellow Light Filters and includes 5 Power Magnifications (6.3x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x).

  • Single-element, high-luminance LED illumination
  • 5-power Parallel / Galilean optics
  • 0-14mm continuously adjustable aperture
  • Patented, built-in Background Illumination system for digital imaging
  • Completely integrated (cable free) low voltage electronic system
  • Expanded chin rest design for easier patient access
  • Cobalt blue, Red-free, Yellow, Blue LED correction filters
  • Self-contained headrest & baseplate assembly
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