Resolution 1280 X 1024 pixels Chart Window Size (H) 300 mm X (W) 375 mm; (H) 11.8 inches X (W) 14.7 inches Brightness 80 ~ 250 cd / m (10 Level variable) Charts Snellen, English, Numeral, Children, Mask (Horizontal, Vertical, Single Optotype), Special charts (Separate Red/Green), Amsler grid, Red/Green 3D, Animation Snellen Acuity Chart Range 20/400 to 20/10 View Distance 1.5 m ~ 7 m (0.05 step adjustment) (4.9 feet - 23.6 feet) Memory Card MSATA (8GB) Power Source DC +12V 5A (Power Adapter) Model : BPM060S12FXX Power Consumption Less than 60VA Communication Wire: RS 232 Communicates with TRS-5100/TRS-3100 Digital Refractors Wireless: Infra-red remote Dimensions/Weight (W) 436 X (H) 362 X (D) 66.4 mm / 3.6 Kg Dimensions/Weight (Remote Control) (W) 69.5 X (H) 235.5 X (D) 26 mm / 200 g Standard Accessories Remote Control, Power Adapter, Power Cable, Wall Mounting Bracket, User Manual

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As technology continues to influence your practice, it should also influence your patients as well. The new PROVUE LCD Acuity System from Marco streamlines your refracting process, while also impressing your patients with the latest digital acuity technology. Equipped with all the computerized tests needed for a comprehensive eye exam, the new PROVUE delivers consistent results while embracing the most important feature of all – simplicity. Experience the efficiency of computerized acuity testing with the new PROVUE from Marco. Simple is always good.