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The self-contained measurement system makes examination largely independent of room illumination. Perimetry, therefore, no longer needs to be carried out in an absolutely dark room.

The future is guaranteed!

The hardware concept permits easy upgrading in future as well. The intuitive user interface also permits the creation of individual programs and reduces operator training time significantly.

Test of the whole visusal field (up to 70°)

Examination up to 70° are possible with fixation shift.


The Centerfield 2 will be connected to a USB port.

Ergonomical design

The ergonomic, compact design and the uncomplicated test procedures improve patient compliance and contribute to best possible total results.

Chinrest (optional)

Integrated chinrest, which can be moved electronically by keyboard operations.

Compact and portable Perimeter

The Centerfield 2 is the only compact Perimeter, which examines up to 70°.

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