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Oculus Pentacam HR Premium

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Equipped with an automatically rotating Scheimpflug camera the Pentacam® performs a complete measurement of the anterior eye segment in less than 2 seconds. A precise analysis of the central cornea is carried out in the process. During measurement extraneous eye movements are detected with a second pupil camera and automatically corrected during the calculation process. The software analyses and evaluates all the data acquired. These data then provide the basis for a three-dimensional model of the complete anterior eye segment.

The Pentacam® analyses the entire cornea, anterior chamber and crystalline lens. This includes an objective determination of the central radii, corneal asphericity, various coloured maps of curvature and elevation, chamber angle, chamber volume and chamber elevation as well as lens transparency. Tomography shows the individual levels of the anterior eye segment in a freely rotating model. Measurement is non-contact and entirely agreeable to the patient.

OCULUS Pentacam® HR
includes basic software, on design lift table with iMac 21″


This is what makes HR so special:



Brilliant Scheimpflug images for precise presentation of corneal implants, corneal rings, opacities in the cornea or lens, etc.
Precise imaging for determining positions of pIOLs and IOLs in reference to centering and tilting (in particular toric implants on Scheimpflug images)
Special scan mode for optimal representation of IOLs
Corneal high resolution measuring mode with 100 Scheimpflug images in 2 seconds
Possibility to shift the fixation target to support accommodation for patients with high ametropia
Up to 138.000 true elevation points
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