VuMAX™ Ultrasound Biomicroscope (UBM)

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The VuMAX™ is widely regarded as the gold standard of ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM), earning the trust of leading ophthalmologists around the world. The VuMAX™ provides superior image quality allowing clear visualization and analysis of structures, including dynamic motion such as lens accommodation. The VuMAX™ has proven to be a critical tool for several needs, including:

Glaucoma Management. An invaluable tool for glaucoma management to evaluate causes of
narrow angles, assess permeability of trabeculectomy and conjuctival bleb, and visualize
Schlemm’s canal and other structures. Learn More

IOL and Phaco Refractive Lens Implantation. Pre- and post-operative evaluation of lens
implantation procedures to assist in determination of lens type, power, and design. Evaluate
anatomical characteristics in high detail including sulcus-to-sulcus distance, lens thickness,  lens
volume sulcus anatomy, ciliary body size and shape, and others. Learn More

Accommodation and Accommodative IOL. The VuMAX™ enables visualization of the entire
anterior segment.  This enables the visualization of the changes occurring during the process of
the eye Accommodation. Learn More

High Resolution Imaging of Anterior Segment.  Tumors, cysts, trauma, uveitis, and other similar
pathologies are often difficult to evaluate due to media opacity. The VuMAX™ high-resolution
ultrasound provides clear visualization of the anterior segment, including posterior to the iris,
pars plana, ciliary body, and more. Learn More

 B-Scan Imaging of Posterior Segment. The VuMAX™ is a flexible platform also providing
excellent quality scanning of the posterior segment by accommodating 10 and 20 MHz
B-scan transducers. Learn More


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