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Heine Lambda 100 Retinometer

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Product Description: HEINE Lambda 100 Retinometer with Twist Lock Connector

Product Number: C-002.35.015 TL

Product Text:

HEINE Instruments. A Perfect Balance of Everything That Matters.

Customers choose HEINE products because they provide what matters most to them. HEINE user’s want long lasting instruments that provide the most accurate and reliable diagnostic information with features that optimize performance in any examining situation.

In other words, they want the Durability, Performance and Function that only HEINE instruments offer.



  • The Best Materials: All optical components are mounted on a cast aluminum frame.
  • The Best Warranties: 1 year parts and labor. Lifetime against defects in manufacture.


  • XHL Xenon Halogen Technology and Brightness Control: Avoids patients discomfort from dazzle.


    • Compact and lightweight: The only compact instrument for assessing potential visual acuity. Can be used anywhere, even bedside.
    • Simple Controls: Reliable diagnosis, easy to operate.
    • Fits on battery or rechargeable handles: Complete mobility – no dependence on the slit lamp. Use with existing handles.
  • Compatible with Competitive Handles: This version is compatible with competitive Twist Lock handle systems. For HEINE handle compatible version, please see C-002.35.015.



Includes: Lambda 100 Retinometer with acuity scale, head only.

Part Number: